About APEX Semiconductors USA

APEX Semiconductors (USA) Co. Ltd., located at Sanford, NC, near the Research Triangle Park in Raleigh, is a spin-off of Static Control Components, Inc. (SCC). We have a number of engineers with advanced engineering degrees from prestigious colleges and universities from around the United States. The Research Triangle Park located in Raleigh area is the largest research park in the United States and is named for the three outer cities of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill. There are three major research universities in those cities, North Carolina State University, Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The park is home to more than 300 companies employing over 55,000 workers with an additional 10,000 contractors. This area is a great resource for technical knowledge and talent for the R&D Team.

The APEX Semiconductors (USA) R&D Team was started in 2001 as the R&D team of Static Control Components (SCC) and provided the world with the first imaging aftermarket chip. The R&D Team’s first-to-market, quality products were the foundation that made SCC the leader in the chip aftermarket industry. While we were a part of the SCC R&D Team, we were granted many patents and awards for our innovative and industry-leading achievements and was recognized multiple times by the imaging industry for designing chips that are the most resistant to OEM firmware upgrades while not infringing patents. The R&D team has continued to add notable achievements throughout the company’s history of providing advanced, highly encrypted replacement chips. SCC’s key products include replacement Lexmark T650 chips and replacement HP ink jet chips. These innovations support the aftermarket by providing continuity of component supply along with new opportunities for growth.

When Ninestar acquired SCC in 2015, it created a multi-national R&D group of industry leaders. This also created a new dynamic that allowed around the clock engineering work and investigations. The joint R&D teams has been recognized by the company’s leaders for their close collaboration and successful project completions. After a corporate reorganization in 2020, SCC’s R&D Department is now APEX Semiconductors (USA) Co. Ltd., which is the US group in this multi-national R&D group, and its main business is the continued research and development of microcontroller unit (MCU), System-on-chip (SoC) and printer aftermarket chips.

The APEX Semiconductors USA R&D team consists of four different groups:

  • Laboratory Engineering Group
  • Simulation and Analysis Group
  • Software and Firmware Group
  • ASIC Design Group

The Laboratory Engineering Group utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to evaluate semiconductor chips. Scanning Electron Microscopes are used to image semiconductors and other advanced tools such as Atomic Force Microscopes are utilized to provide the most accurate physical structure information for chip failure analysis.

The Simulation and Analysis Group is responsible for extracting the digital circuits, analyzing analog circuits, then figuring out the functions and cryptographic processes to enable them to develop hardware and to determine chip functions and encryption algorithms.

The Software and Firmware Group is responsible for analyzing the software and firmware for specialized projects, and making the changes needed to meet the customers’ requirements.

The ASIC Group is responsible for design and analysis of the analog circuits as well as developing compatible chips with encryption methods.

The four groups have highly specialized skills in their area of expertise and combine this knowledge into a formidable team to focus on highly technical and innovative projects. The ability to work together with the complimentary skills of these four groups have enabled the APEX Semiconductors USA R&D team to lead the industry in innovative techniques on analysis, design and understanding of electronic devices.

The APEX Semiconductors USA R&D Team has state-of-art development equipment and has worked with major vendors to design and improve this equipment. There is constant investigation and investment in new technologies, equipment and training of our team. The APEX Semiconductors USA R&D Team is focused on the future as the electronics industry evolves.

APEX Semiconductors USA, Geehy and SCC are wholly-subsidiaries of Ninestar Corporation (stock code: 002180.SZ). Ninestar Corporation is one of top 500 listed companies in China and top 5 laser printer manufacturer globally. It has been a global leader of printing and imaging industry for 20 years. Ninestar is a world expert in imaging & output technology solution and a pioneer printing consumable chip designer. The company has nearly 20000 employees all over the world and with operations in over 150 countries and regions, generating annual revenue more than 20 billion RMB.

About Geehy

Geehy Semiconductor has 20 years of experience in IC chip design and is a professional supplier of products and solutions for the industrial-grade general MCU, BLE SoC, and domestic leading IIoT SoC-eSE security SoC. Geehy is committed to providing higher quality products and services in industrial control, consumer electronics, medical equipment, smart home, and automobile application.

Geehy is equipped with first-class R&D design, a full range of software and hardware design services, and complete encryption engine platform. Geehy has established R&D centers in Zhuhai, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and North Carolina in the United States. As well as the industry university research cooperative relations with well-known universities and research institutions such as Zhejiang University Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology, and Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Geehy always adhere to Market Demand-Oriented, technological innovations as the core. Focusing on providing users with higher quality chips, solutions, and differentiated services, as well as endeavors to build an intelligent and secure new ecosystem for the development of internet of things.

Geehy is ISO9001:2015 certified! We are quality-committed, and a reliable partner to meet your high requirements for MCU products! ISO9000 system has experienced several revisions (from 1994, 2000 to 2008), and the latest version is ISO9001:2015.

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